February 5, 2013

See the Surprises…

The first weekend of the year might hold some blank space for you – ripe for reflection. Maybe you’re on a long flight…or just walking your usual morning path.

I love questions-as-depth-charge: a query that unearths a perspective hidden from me by the fog of everyday life. This morning, I answered the below questions and saw things that I didn’t see before. I’m sending them along to you in the hope that you’ll enjoy what you see about yourself. If you don’t have time in the short term, they’ll hold for a better time.

All the best in the New Year…



There were surprises in 2012. What stands out to you?



What’s left to learn from any—or all—of those surprises?



What irked you – really irked you – in the last twelve months?



Is there anything left to learn about what irked you most?



What do you want for yourself this year?




Need help making sense of last year? Want to better articulate your vision for this year? Drop me a line.