Perry Carrison and his associates specialize in the work of discovery.

The professional world has an odd habit. It wants creativity, unique points of view and courageous thinkers…at the same time as it affirms management styles and policies that attempt to make everyone act the same.

No one is to blame for that double message. It’s universal.

Yet—each of us has to sort out how we live in it. How do we risk being our most courageous selves—leading—and still be a trusted member of our organization and community?

That takes work. Each of us has to do that work and come to our own conclusions.


Meet our team:


Perry Carrison is a trusted advisor to anyone seriously attempting to hear their inner voice. Knowing what—and how—you think is the sure foundation to courage, commitment, clarity…even collaboration. For thirty years, Perry has made his way through hundreds of organizations, connecting with leaders and their staffs…helping each claim and hone strengths and be guided by inner-vision paired with ambition. more

Sophie Parker

Sophie helps clients discover the gifts that got them started. Together and with new clarity, individuals and teams address the issues and growth needs that demand their attention—and collaboratively, work toward success. more


As a former CEO and President, Nancy knows that strategy, systems and metrics are map, vehicle and bridge to success. Nancy builds organizational strength by helping senior teams focus on what’s important. more