Churchill FranklinChief Executive Officer, Acadian Asset Management

Perry has a very keen sense of getting under the hood. To get deeper than the profession. For example, this will sound funny, but it sums up Perry for me: In a car ride back from Vermont, I said, “Perry, do you have any idea what I do for a living?” And Perry said, “Aren’t you a stockbroker or something?” That was so classic Perry — focused on leadership and interpersonal relationships and collaboration and cheerleader, regardless of what I do for a living.

This is so telling; it jarred me a bit, but the jarring was constructive. I love his boldness.

I tend to go fast, so having a coach is a time management problem for me. The role of the coach – that need varies from time to time, but we’ve been working together for three years now. What’s changed? He’s helped me think in terms of leadership. What a leader is. And isn’t. To move beyond the petty snipping — sarcastic or critical comments about what is wrong – negative things on the surface. He has helped me to move beyond this into leading. To setting a strategic direction.

[I’ve learned how to] set a ton for what kind of a behavior you expect [from yourself]. Lesser behavior is not appropriate or acceptable. He’s helped me to [see] how honest I’m being, how clear. So I think instead of venting frustration over the partnership structure, I’ve begun to exploit it and use it to my advantage.

One of the things that Perry did was help me settled down and relax and just follow my instincts, take anxiety out of my life. Like a Vermont landscape, Perry is the new spring shoots in the bucolic peacefulness of rural Northern New England. One of the things that happens with Perry is that you wear your heart on your sleeve. Perry has lived up to the level of confidentiality I’ve entrusted [to him.] It’s stupid not to be open.

— Churchill Franklin

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