Gary CassardVice President & General Manager, Bright House Networks

Every person, no matter how great or challenged they may be, needs a coach. Tiger Woods, probably the greatest of athletes, uses a coach. Perry was a coach for me as well as many other members of my team. Perry is the kind of coach that extracts the individual talent and uniquenees out of any individual he works with. Provides the right amount of challenge and care, for where you are in life. You will get alot out of your interactions with him. He always checks in, sort of like a coach or friend, for life.

What I like most about Perry is you can trust him. The gifts he has given me or brought out in me, are ones you use for the rest of your life, whether in business or personal.

Everyone needs work from time to time. You get out of the groove. Perry can get you back on target. Yes, even Tiger struggles from time to time. So, put a tiger in your tank and give Perry a call. He can refuel you, for your journey in life.

— Gary Cassard

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