Wendy AllenVice President Media Engineering, Fox Broadcasting Company

We all think we communicate well. The reality of it is, perception is everything. Although I thought I was communicating, when I began working with Perry, I realized I wasn’t as strong as I thought. I used to start out a sentence “I need this” or “I want this” or “I need you to do that.” So now instead of my dictating or jumping to a conclusion, Perry has provided me with what I consider a level of maturity; he’s allowed me to understand where others are coming from and how to stand in their shoes.

I’m now a better listener, a better facilitator. He taught me simple practices in how you approach people. This can really change the way you’re perceived. His tool sets apply to everyone – men and women.

The place I want to end up in – and I think everyone is looking for respect, harmony, and intellectual stimulation – is a place where there’s validation. And strong collaboration. Perry has given me insight into how people operate, what motivates them. It makes it easier to receive and understand.

Sometimes I catch myself saying a “Perryism!” – such as “have you thought of?” Perry’s voice is in my head reminding me of these new practices. I carry him on my shoulder! I’m not sure which side of my shoulder he’s on, but…

It just happens to be through my work that I’ve recognized this as maturity growth and communication, but truly Perry has helped me become a better person.

— Wendy Allen

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