Where and how do we engage with you?

Through our programs. Teachers use universities and classrooms…doctors use hospitals and stethoscopes…coaches and consultants use programs.

Our programs form three groups: Individual, Team, and Organizational. Each is rooted in personal authenticity and clarity about your values. From there, the programs take the shape of the client.

  • Individual programs (executive coaching) focus on the potent conversations that bring clarity. Development is usually not the problem. It’s choosing what to develop in that throws people. How to proceed? Our coaches know how to help clients hear their answer.
  • Team coaching programs are concerned with community growth, bonding and development. Teams that are concerned with How do we support each other in achieving the results…and the life…that we desire? Call on Carrison Inc. for reliable guidance.
  • Organizational consulting is not coaching. An organization seeks a Carrison Inc. consultant when people issues threaten business results. Different from “business issues” people issues are problems with communication, power and injustice. Our consultants know how to provide a safe “container” with programs that sort out and heal these debilitating issues.