Day to day life in an organization is complex.

There are so many converging and conflicting and exciting (and dull) possibilities and interactions that smart, creative and ambitious people get distracted and confused by the hubbub.

What’s more, next to no one listens. There are far too many MUST DO items on everyone’s task list — of which each of us is reminded endlessly by our hand-held device.

My job in life is to listen.

  • Sometimes, I listen to simply absorb what you are saying.
  • Sometimes, I listen to reframe what I hear in metaphors — so you know even better what you said.
  • Sometimes, I listen by asking potent, unexpected questions that require you to summon the courage to answer.

My bottom line expectation is that we all have the answers we are looking for inside. If I listen and listen well, your mind will unwrap its treasure and you will see what was hidden before you met with me.

Are you ready to hear yourself clearly?