Organizational Consulting focuses on everyone – especially the leaders whose job is to ensure that everyone does whatever each can to fulfill the Vision. Vision is a vital strategic tool. As is Organizational Structure. As are Values. Often, Leaders are promoted Managers. And because of that, it’s extremely hard for them to stop managing and producing 24/7 so that they can execute their current job: Leading.

In almost every organization, Leaders and Managers have to learn to tell the difference between Leading and Managing. Because the tools for each of those roles are different. When leaders and managers are clear about their role, that clarity spreads like the aroma of bread cooking. The workforce can sense the pull towards achievement and get the satisfaction of making it happen. Inspired leadership ensures the way forward…attuned managers make it all happen. Everyone benefits from the shift out of I do-only-what’s-required to Let’s risk-achieving-success.

An effective Organizational Consultant coaches, facilitates and advises everyone who impacts the work environment. With short-term immersion, our consultants learn how the teams and culture and politics work. Our goal is to offer “trim-tab” interventions that allow dedicated people to excel. Are the leaders in the “weeds” of production? Are managers burdened with uncommunicated problems that need solution? Values, Structure and Vision can be translated to every level…with the effect of simplifying, streamlining and empowering. All faces turn to the sun of clarity when the Strategic Plan tells the organization where it is and where it’s going; when the Vision draws everyone into an intended future and Structure links everyone with Business Objectives.