The concept of “team” is all-for-one and one-for-all.

Yet, most teams do anything but that idealistic vision. Instead, burdened leaders blame, team members compete against one another instead of with one another, and collaboration is an inert and paralyzed word that drifts along in the organization’s framed vision statement.

This need not be.

Teams that work well have a undeniable connection with one another. Team members earn and practice emotional intelligence:

  • Members know who their teammates are;
  • They know how to support each other;
  • They know how to manage conflict.

Those attributes don’t happen by chance. Each team has to work for that level of maturity and depth. Carrison Inc consultants are devoted allies in the work of achieving that state of being. What are the measures? Results, team members want to come to work, humor…and a pervasive sense of everyone who works there: THIS is where we want to give all we’ve got.